Thank You

for joining the Virtual Public Information Open House for the Midtown Connector Transportation Improvement Project

The Midtown Connector Transportation Improvement Project (MCTIP) is a unique public private partnership that seeks to implement sustainable improvements to chronic traffic congestion, safety, access, and mobility challenges while fulfilling the need for essential park, greenspace, and environmental improvements that support the economic vitality of Metro Atlanta and Georgia.

The MCP Foundation, staffed by a small management team, was created as a private, non-profit organization to provide technical leadership and support for the MCTIP Feasibility Study. Others, including GDOT, Georgia Tech, and Midtown Alliance, provide regular guidance, support, and input to the study to ensure the project is consistent with all respective policies, goals, plans and initiatives.

The MCP Foundation is currently working with its partners to compile and prepare responses to the comments and ideas received during the Public Information Open House. This process may take up to 60 days to complete. Once this information has been compiled and responses prepared, a summary of all feedback, as well as responses, will be made available on this site. Additional comments and questions can continue to be directed to

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Limits of the Project